A Message from the Pastors

Welcome to Westminster Presbyterian Church!  Thank you for visiting our website, which we try to keep current with information about what's happening in worship and in various other aspects of our church life.   We hope it will help to put you in touch with upcoming events and opportunities, whether you are a long-time participant in Westminster or just learning about us.  If you are just finding us, we encourage you to check out what's going on, read a sermon excerpt, learn something about Presbyterian beliefs, and see some pictures.  Hopefully, this will give you a little sense of who we are.  But even better - join us for worship or another event, and meet us in person.  You will be warmly welcomed!

We are not a very large congregation in numbers (we have about 230 members and friends) but we are large in spirit, concerned about the world around us, caring and praying for each other, interested in learning and exploring new ideas. Our core values describe well the priorities by which we direct our energy:  

Inspiring Worship, Compassionate Service, Mind & Spirit, Arts & Music, Earth Care.

We strive for worship that is lively, varied, thoughtful, theologically sound, and welcoming to all.   We offer Christian Education for all ages from preschool through adult, and also a variety of other activities geared to specific needs or interests:  youth group, choir, social outings, a knitting and prayer group, volleyball, faith book club, and more.   We celebrate music and the arts in many ways.   We welcome lay participation in leadership in all areas of church life.  We put our caring about human needs into practice as we support both Presbyterian projects and local ministries that extend compassion to sisters and brothers who are hungry, homeless, and hurting.    We are a connectional church, delighted to be in relationship with other area faith communities as well as a partner congregation in Perico, Cuba.   We are a Presbyterian Earth Care congregation, working to be more responsible in our use of resources and learning about ways we can be faithful stewards of God's good earth.  We represent a wide range of ages, interests, perspectives, and beliefs... and strive always for an openness of heart and mind, to welcome all in the name of Jesus Christ, who welcomes us to his table and his church.  

It is a joy to be a part of this community of faith.  We hope you will consider joining us, for any worship service or activity.  You will be welcome!

We believe that a faith community is essential in today's busy and sometimes disconnected world.  Sure, you can believe in God all by yourself, but it's better to have company and encouragement.  Sure, you can try and follow Jesus on your own, but when Jesus invited people to follow him, he invited them to be part of a community.  In his name, we extend that invitation to you.

            Peace and blessings,

            Pastors Janet & Jerry Duggins

Something we are particularly excited about is Westminster's continuing development of our commitment to art as  an expression of faith.  

The church's annual art festival is a highlight of our year.


In the spring of 2013, we hosted our first Westminster Art Festival, a juried art exhibit with an environmental theme.  In 2019, we hosted our seventh annual Westminster Art Festival on the theme: "Migration: Traveling Mercies."   We enjoyed some amazing and diverse works of art and poetry exploring the movements of people and animals around the globe to seek safety, food, and other needs.

It was a privilege to meet and interact with many local artists - and to be able to encourage their creative endeavors.  We are excited about the 2020 festival, which will explore "Sacred Places, Wild Spaces."


We invite you to check out our Art Festival website to see pictures of this and past Art festivals. 

Please feel free to contact us or to call the church office for more information about the church or any upcoming event. 

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