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Cuba Partnership

La Iglesia Presbiteriano en Perico, Cuba

What is this partnership/sister church relationship all about?

Together we will offer and receive the benefits of a close, familial relationship: to know and love each other; to communicate regularly with each other and visit each other as God provides; to share each other’s joys and sorrows; to encourage and support each other on our journeys of faith and calls to mission; and always to pray for each other.

We will build bridges of understanding between our people, our communities, and our Churches. We will share our traditions and cultures. We will exchange true information about our country and society. We will seek new understanding of abundance and scarcity, hope and despair. We will foster authentic encounters among people as Jesus sought to do. We will share our stories of success and struggle. We will accompany each other in the life of the Spirit.


   ~ from our partnership agreement, approved in the summer of 2013

                          by the Sessions of our two congregations ~

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