Rev. Jerry Duggins
Marie Kerstetter
Music Director and Pianist

Chloe Nivala

Administrative Assistant

Jason Zerban
Choir Director

Audrey Curry


Rev. Janet Robertson Duggins
Leslie Ashbaugh
Children's Ministries

Ernest Pueblo


The leadership of a Presbyterian Church (USA) congregation is shared

by the pastor(s) and the members through our representative form of government.  Elders and Deacons are elected by and from the congregation, and serve for terms of three years.

The SESSION, which is responsible for all the ministry, mission, and business of the congregation,

consists of the pastors and elders.

Elders currently serving:   Mary Anderson, Leslie Ashbaugh, Cindy Green, Jim Gluys, Paul Paget,

                                                      Carol Pratt, Jayme Ruimveld, Paula Schriemer, Kelly Schultz

The DEACONS carry out ministries of compassion and service, within and beyond the congregation. 

    Deacons currently serving:   Laurie Bushnell, Carolyn Campbell,  Jodie Gerard,  Catriena Kauffman,

         Valerie Kirkwood, Beth Myer, Nick Pratt, Mary Lou Rohwer, Ann Cirvencic, moderator.